Thursday, May 29, 2008

These boots were made for ME!

"Look at my muscles!" "So Cool!"

Feeding the Ducks

We took some old bread and fed the ducks at the park. Merik enjoyed it but kept trying to eat the bread!

My pregnancy is going great. I'm 35 1/2 weeks, and dialated to a 2. The midwives say anytime so we'll let you know when it happens. I hope I make it to the hospital or Pat may be working overtime for this little girl! We're really excited but definatley not in reality. I finally did pack a bag though and cleaned really well so if it happens at least that's done. Hopefully it will set in that I have 2 kids once i'm holding her?

Goofy Kid!

Merik is definately Pat's child and already has his sense of humor. He's realized that he can do things just to make us laugh and spends a lot of his time doing those things. He recently smelled his shoe, which smells horrible, and made me smell it. After my reaction that is now his favorite thing to do is make other people smell his shoes. He just thinks its so funny. He also loves to scare you. He is still a dancing fool which always shocks us because he'll dance forever. We were at yet another wedding the other night and Merik was of course on the dance floor stealing the show, until he made himself sick by spinning too much. It was really sad but funny. I am always shocked how much food he can put away also! We went to a mexican restaurant last weekend and ordered him a kids meal (12 and under) which had a bean burrito, a beef burrito, beans, and rice. HE CLEANED THE PLATE and then ate my guacamole and beans and rice. PIG! I don't know that I expected anything less from Pat's offspring but jeez! He and pat love to wrestle and make farting noises, another shocker. He's just adorable and we're having so much fun playing with him.