Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ok every mom says this but my child is so cute! Here's a little update on all the adorable things he's doing today. First its wedding season, especially for our family! Pat's cousin was married 2 weeks ago, Joslin got married last weekend, and my cousin Mekelle gets married next weekend. Busy Busy Busy! But with weddings and dancing! Merik's heaven. He is such a mover and shaker. He has a whole repertoire of moves and he loves to bust them out! It's so funny, especially to see him do certain moves depending on the music. Needless to say, he loves weddings. He has been the center of attention and loving life at every event we've gone too. He also loves to spin which gets him into trouble sometimes because he's not an ambi-turner so he gets dizzy really quickly but doesn't understand what is making him dizzy. He loves to jump which consists of squating and standing up really fast, never having his feet come close to leaving the ground. He loves to help these days, especially sweep! Goof!

Ok life isn't perfect with our little ball of laughs! He is a screacher and squealer! We've tried everything we can think of. We've asked him nicely (yeah right), we've gotten mad, we've ignored him, we've flicked in the mouth and nothing works! We're doing the corner as dicipline but the problem is that he never seems to scream when we're somewhere I can put him in the corner. He does it in the car or at a restaurant and I need ideas! Any suggestions?

I am deep into motherhood. Yesterday I laid Merik down for a nap in just his diaper because it was really hot. About 30 minutes later I heard him crying really hard like he was in pain. I ran in to see what he had gotten stuck in and found him sitting with his blanket, butt naked, next to a pile of poop. He was crying because he had stepped in it. Yum. I wanted to grab the camera but I felt bad making him sit with poop on his foot for the sake of a picture, plus I'm sure it won't be the last time. It was so funny. I'm just glad I didn't find him eating it or something!

Eat Sand!

Ok so I know I started this awesome blog and then did nothing with it- SLACKER! But I am determined to make it a habit to update things. We just got back from california for Joslin's wedding and had a great time! We had a great time! The wedding was wonderful and we are so excited for them, they're so cute! Pat, Merik, and I stayed 2 extra days after the wedding and had a mini vacation. We were so lucky- the weather was in the 80s! We took Merik to the beach and the first day he really didn't want anything to do with any of it. He'd walk on the sand but that was the extent of his interest and even that took about 30 minutes to happen. The second day, however, was a different story! Pat coaxed him into the water and from then on he was a natural beach bum! Pat finally brought him in because Pat was cold and only his feet were in the water. Merik was up to his waste being hit by waves, shivering, but screaming because he didn't want to stop. His new thing is saying "So Cool!" and its hilarious! Its not that he says it that is so funny, its that he says it appropriately! Everytime a wave would hit him he, of course, said "so cool!" After we dragged his little blue lips out of the water we were able to convince him that sand was also fun....again, another mistake. Next thing we knew he was eating it by the handful! I wish I had pictures but my camera battery had died but it was hilarious! We kept trying to get him to stop but apparently it tasted really good! We had a great time!