Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merik's 3!!!

I can't believe it but Merik is 3!! He is so adorable, smart, energetic, and crazy! He truly brings great joy, laughter, and the spirit to our family. He is incredibly grateful and kind and yesterday even said "mom, did you clean my house? Thank you, it looks incredible!"

I decided to throw him an "I can do it all by myself" birthday so he even made his invitations!

He got some great gifts at his family party including his new big-boy bike from us and this adorable hat from uncle Brady that matches his!
Cup cakes are always a hit; especially when you get to put as much frosting as you want on it!
Merik was so funny about the presents. This year it finally clicked what his birthday meant and he was jumping around and dancing when people came with gifts!
We had his first "friend" birthday and it was a BLAST! We invited 6 of his little buddies over and they did everything by themselves (messy but fun!) They decorated their own shirts, made pizzas, and decorated cup cakes.

I think he had a fun birthday! I just can't believe he's so big!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


November....well was busy!! Thanksgiving was awesome! Most of my dad's side of the family came into town and we had a blast! True to years and years of tradition we started our day off with bowling and if you were wondering....I BEAT PAT!!!!-he'll love that I posted that! Yes there were bumpers but it's not my fault if chose to use them as part of my strategy and he didn't! Dinner was great as always and Merik and my cousin Reagan were adorable in their costumes.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving we got to travel to Utah for Baby Eden's blessing!

Karma was the perfect mother figure for baby Eden. She walked around all day collecting "binks" and bottles to bring her and was sometimes upset when Eden didn't seem int he mood for 5 "binks" at one time!
Merik became the protector of Eden. One night she was fussing in her bouncer and he quickly ran to her, began singing "I am a child of God" to her and then we heard him whisper "it's ok baby Eden I will never leave you". It was so sweet!