Friday, June 11, 2010

Karma Sue turns 2!

There's our typical 2 year old- Climbing! We can't believe it but Karma is 2!! We had a couple great celebrations for her! We have great friends who's daughter also turned 2 on the same day! So we all got together for a fun double 2 year old birthday party at the park! My darling friend Joy made the girls little tu-tu's that were a HUGE hit! Karma just ran around swinging her arms to hit the skirt-it was so cute and a really fun night!

The next day we had Karma's Princess Party! It was really fun! But definitely one of those parties where the vision was a lot better than the execution! I had bought Karma a whole little princess get up with a crown and wand and little princess shoes that we let her open right before her party. Well I ended up having to WAKE her up from a nap 10 minutes before her party started so she was in no mood for the get up! The dress was all we got on her and that only lasted half the party! She loved her new stroller from Grandma Oogie (Pat's mom, whose real name is Susie) and new baby from G-ma Karma (my grandma). She was very cute opening presents on her throne and blowing the candles out on her castle cake! Merik was hilarious as always and decided at the last minute that the knight costume was good enough and that the ninja was a better option. Over all it was a great party and I think the birthday girl had fun!

Karma is so fun and getting so old so fast! Typical of a 2 year old her favorite things to say these days involve yelling at me or Pat "no you stop it" or "don't talk to me"---she's so cute :) No, we do adore her but her attitude is definitely here and causing us worry for the teenage years!

Happy Birthday our little Angel Bug!