Friday, November 12, 2010


Maisley is just an incredible baby and is so fun and happy ALL THE TIME! We are so lucky! Here's a taste of our darling girl!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Off to see the wizzard!!

Halloween Time!!! This year we had a GREAT Halloween. It was Pat's 1st year off with kids and he was SUPER excited to take them trick or treating. The kids dressed up as Dorothy, The Tin Man, and a Wicked Witch and no I don't think I was a terrible mother for dressing my 9 week old as the witch, even though several others expressed their distaste for my choice. I think she was cute! We carved pumkins a few nights before and Merk drew his own face!! Impressive!

Our ward Halloween party was the first time the kids got to get dressed up and of course because Merik got to wear "make-up" so Karma had to also! But she got to wear "mommy make-up" and she did some of it herself! Note the concentration-I dont' think we'll have too hard of a time teaching mascara.

The kids got lots (way too much) candy and had a blast with dad.......

And then the sugar high kicked in! :) She twirled forever and Merik just ran around screaming! (but that doesn't translate well on a camera) and we only let them have 2 pieces! Happy Halloween everyone!