Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Utah Fun!

So its been a little while since I've blogged but things got CRAZY here! My sister called a few weeks ago and told me I should fly to Utah to see her. That was Monday, we left Tuesday! It was so fun, I found tickets dirt cheap (tickets plural because I have to buy one for merik, painful!) so the kids and I hopped on a plane and left for Utah! Merik LOVED flying and karma did great....until we started to land. I picked her up to put something in my bag and realized I was soaking wet with....poop. It was everywhere! The poor little girl was literally covered head to toe! It was disgusting and because we were landing I couldn't go to the bathroom, plus I had a two year old who needed to pop his ears sitting next to me. So I got her cleaned up while on my lap and it all turned out ok-barely! Thankfully it was all women sitting around me and they were all incredibly understanding! Think of me if you're ever on a plane with a screaming baby-maybe the poor mom is covered in poop.
Utah was a blast! Joslin's house is darling-surprise, surprise and it was just so fun to hang out with my sister. Dusty was an incredible surrogate daddy for the week and definitely made a new best friend with Merik! I loved that he had someone to play with but didn't quite appreciate him teaching Merik the word "dookie!" We got to meet the newest member of the Bridget, who is adorable! My whole family was there randomly for Meredith's clogging competition at Lagoon so we had a fun barbecue and Joslin's and got darling pictures of three great-grandchildren.
Lagoon was the highlight though! Merik was hilarious and still talks about it. The bumper cars were so funny I thought I was going to pee my pants. He did a good job steering if there was someone around him but he got stuck in the corner and couldn't get out. He was so cute, he was trying so hard to get out but was just spinning in circles screaming "mommy help me!" It was so sad and so funny all at the same time!
We also got to visit a long time friend from high school that I haven't seen since my wedding. Emily Tripp (now Culpepper) for any of you who remember her. We had a great time meeting her darling little family!
Our final activity was taking Merik (and Karma but she doesn't care) to see the Temple! He was so excited and it was so sweet! He's so little but already understands so much and has such a testimony. The whole drive there he kept informing me that Jesus would be at the temple! I was so sweet and he was so excited to see the Christis. But he went crazy when he saw the statue of Nephi. He LOVES Nephi, so that was darling. He had to go to the bathroom while we were there so I took him but while he was in there he disobeyed me and threw the paper towel away in the toilet instead of the garbage. I told him that wasn't ok and that he needs to obey and that Heavenly Father wants him to obey also. We were running out of the bathroom and he all of the sudden dropped from my hand and I looked down and he was kneeling in the middle of the floor praying to say sorry. I almost started to cry! Its just so amazing to see the innocence and faith that a child has. Its no wonder why Chirst visited them first. They must have been so excited.

Utah was great and we can't wait to go back!

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