Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Introducing....Peter Pan and TinkerBell (or stinkerbell as she's been known to be called).

We went Trunk or Treating at church Friday night which was great because Pat had to work Halloween night so this was his chance to be with the kids.

We finally got around to carving our pumpkin-yes it was pushing the deadline but we got it done and it was HILARIOUS!! Merik was so disgusted but the pumpkin guts he was gagging and Karma would've swam in it if I let her! Merik finally agreed to scoop it out if I'd scrape it so he didn't have to touch it but the line was drawn when Karma began taunting him with the guts and trying to throw them at her!! Hmmmm does our girl have a little of her dad in her???

We stopped at Shawnana's and Grandpa Craig's for special Halloween treats!

We went to Aunt Carolyn's for an awesomely spooky dinner complete with blood to drink and eyeballs for dessert!

They were both so excited when they figured out all they had to do was say 3 simple words and people dumped CANDY into their buckets!! Karma decided she was big and wouldn't hold my hand, which would've been fine but Merik was running from house to house and little Karma just doesn't move as fast! I had an odd realization that I'm old! I have two kids, not two babies! Both of our kids are old enough to trick or treat in real costumes! Where has life gone?

We ended the night going to the Berries! Aunt Nichole had made them special halloween rice crispies treats and they had fun surprises from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Susie! Lastly we did more trick or treating to top off our stash! It was great fun!!!!


Chelsey said...

Their costumes are adorable!!!!

Jake and Mekelle said...

oh so dang cute!

maugers said...

So cute! Lydia sounds just like Karma...I think they're twins. Alex was also peter pan, but Lydia would not comply and be tinkerbell...she had to be snow white instead :) Looks like you guys had fun! And yes, I realized that I"m old too :)

The Cleverley's said...

you kids are so stinkin cute. Don't you hate when you realize they are growing up. Makes me want to hyperventilate!

Sharee said...

SO CutE! Where did you get their little costumes? Halloween is so much fun when you get to watch your little kids have the time of their life. We waited too long to carve pumpkins too and then we couldn't find any pumpkins in the stores! So we will have to wait until next year to see how Kyla likes it. Your kids are so beautiful. They must get it from their mom. Miss you.