Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Update

MaiMais!!! (but these' pictures are a little old, so multiply the hair!!!!-we're talking AAAFFRRO!)

Goof-ball, smarty pants Merik!
Sass Princess Karma!
I wrote a friend an email and kind of updated her on my life so.....wrote it once, post it twice? Sorry I'm such a bad blogger but here's a tiny summary.
We're doing a kind of preschool co-op thing with Merik and we love it! But, we are definitely excited for merik to start school next year tho. We've found a language immersion school for him and are really looking forward to that experience! Learning a language early has always been so important to me-considering my time in moscow, so this is perfect! He'll be learning Chinese! Karma is still a TOTAL diva/wierdo/drama/princess/GIRL! She's hilarious! And just today told me there couldn't be any girls that dressed scary for halloween because that wouldn't make them ladies. Right then. I do preschool with her 1 day a week with 2 of her little friends and she loves it so that's fun! Maisley is the ruler and terror and light of our house! She is 14 months old and walking like a champ. She broke her leg a couple months ago and we wondered if that would stunt her walking but she's a head strong little thing and didn't waste much time after getting her cast off. She's a terror and EXTREMELY demanding but also such a sweet sweet little thing. She just makes us all smile with her love (and her full white-girl curly hair Afro doesn't hurt the laughter). She's very fun. We actually have our 4th on the way! It was probably sooner than we would've planed on our own but when you feel the promptings-you don't really argue. We're excited but definitely stressed about it at this point because i've been sooooo sick and it just doesn't seem to be letting up-which makes the excitement start to die :) I'm about 13 weeks and due the beginning of May! Crazy! Pat is a Firefighter/Paramedic and loves it! He had to have shoulder surgery a few months ago and is actually just going back to work after being on modified duty for 3 months, tomorrow-so that's exciting! He wrecked his mountain bike and had to have full rotator-cuff and labrum surgery-rough; so we're glad he's able to go back to work again. I've had a desire to do something little on the side for work and finally I think I found something but it's still VERY new so we'll have to see how it goes. But I went out to Utah and became a certified Eyelash Extensionist. Crazy-but if I can do it out of my home...when my kids are in bed...perfect! You can look at my website if you want We'll see but I'm very excited about it so far! We have a 8 month old goldendoodle and he's plenty for me to handle-but totally adorable!! That's us as we sit today! Love you all!


Sharee said...

Yay for an update!!! I am NEVER going to catch up to you! One baby after another! Well, CONGRATS!!!!! So excited for you! We are going to stop after #4 and re-assess our previous goal of 6 kids... We'll see how that goes. I am not super-mom like you. Co-op preschool for TWO kids?!! Just the idea of doing it for Kyla almost gives me a heart attack. I LOVE that you are doing eyelash extensions - that is awesome! Just yesterday I was telling my friend here in Utah that if I had lots of money, my one extravagance would be eyelash extensions. They are just so beautiful!!! I'm so proud of you! I miss you lots!!!

Lindsay said...

Fun Shawntae! You are truly super-mom!! :) I might be calling you for some eyelash extensions...