Saturday, April 18, 2009


Merik's posed smile

Our 2009 Easter was wonderful! Merik ran down stairs to see if the easter bunny had come and was so excited to see eggs he peed all over the floor! It was hilarious! Just like a dog. We went to church and had a great day and Merik was so cute and can now say "rezurrekted". After church we hurried to Pat's grandma's house for family time and an easter egg hunt for Merik (he's the only one old enough to walk! Lucky kid!) He definitely got the hang of that quick. After Nana H's house we went to my grandma's house for dinner and the traditional artichoke-I look forward to it every year. All in All it was a great day with lots of family time which is always the best! -but really its about the clothes-arent' they cute?


Lindsay said...

Cute pics, Did you notice Karma only has one shoe on?? How's your new home treating you?? I hope you're well!!

Lauren said...

it is all about the clothes!! lol, I love it! you got some super cute pictures, the family one is fabulous!