Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Greatest Day Ever!

Well the day finally arrived! We started Potty Training! He started throwing huge fits everytime we went to change his diaper and he got himself breakfast so the combination was a little revelation that maybe it was time to be done with diapers! I was really scared but I decided to jump in. With some much needed encouragement from Jan and a great "potty TRAIN chart" we sat on the toilet with a pile of books. Well surprisingly he had 2 accidents the first 2 days and that was about it. (He did pee all over the floor sunday because he was so excited to see his easter basket but that was the first in a long time!) I was so impressed and shocked! Within 4 days he didn't even have to be reminded, he just went by himself; and within a week he was going, dumping, washing hands, cleaing the potty, and putting it back together. The only time I know if he went is if he remembers about a treat! Its crazy but so nice! I tried to get some cute pictures of his first times on the potty but he decided he likes his privacy, hence the screaming picture! But potty life is good!


ERK, MRK, & GRK said...

Those pictures are sooo funny! Way to go mom!

O'Neil Family said...

How exciting! We're going to start potty training soon because Jacob hates having his diaper changed and he always comes up to me and says "poopy diaper" when he's messy--or when he's about to mess--so we figure it's time. We really hope that we can potty train him before the next one is born. I don't know if our budget could handle diapers for two right now. He's a bit young--he won't be two until July--but we're going to give it a try. Congratulations, mom! This must be so exciting for you--and a relief too!

Sharee said...

YAY! I am so impressed! I have heard boys are so tough - I am so glad it went OK for you!