Thursday, April 8, 2010


"On your mark...Get set...GO!"

Our friends Choloe, Caden, Tristan, Merik

Merik's so proud of his egg!
Merik took this!!

Easter was really fun this year since the kids are both old enough to really understand looking for eggs! We thought it'd be fun to hit up the city's Easter Egg hunt---jury's out on whether or not it was actually fun. The parents were allowed to go in with the 3-4 year olds and the walking -2 year olds. Stupid parents! The kids couldn't get any eggs because the parents were scooping up piles and hoarding them for their children! Seriously!?!?! Poor Karma actually got eggs taken from her as she was bending down to pick them up! Merik, on the otherhand, developed a different strategy-he went for the suckers that were just laying on the grass! Parents left those so he ended up with about 15 dumb dumbs-smart kid!
This year was a little different with Conference being on Easter so we had to wear our "easter clothes" the week before! Easter sunday started with an easter egg hunt around our house. While the "easter bunnies" were hiding the eggs it brought back many memories! When Merik came down to find eggs he picked up all of the real eggs and said "mom these don't belong out here! I don't want these!" and proceeded to put them all back in the crate! Then we got to go to a DELICIOUS breakfast at a friend's house! Good thing I don't have much of a figure to protect- I ate myselft to death! We "watched" the first session of Conference and then headed over to my grandma's for a yummy easter lunch! The traditional food: Ham, artichokes, jello, rolls, scalloped potatoes! We finished by going and hanging out with Pat's family and blowing alot of bubbles (Merik liked eating them -Wierdo!) It was a great day!


O'Neil Family said...

You look so cute! And the kids are adorable. I'm sorry about the Easter egg hunt--parents can be real jerks sometimes. Someone needed to make an announcement saying, "Parents, we know you're good at finding eggs. This is meant for your toddlers!" I'm glad the rest of the festivities were fun, though.

Sharee said...

It is not fair for you to look so cute when you are pregnant..... your kids are SO beautiful! I always get so excited when I see you have posted. Keep 'em coming!