Friday, January 22, 2010

I realized I haven't blogged about the biggest change in our life lately...Pat's back in school. West Metro Fire Department puts all of their firefighters through Paramedic School. It's incredibly INTENSE because it's normally a 2 year course they complete in 6 months. He goes to school everyday, all day, and spends the evenings and weekends hiding in our room studying. I'm so proud of him! I can't imagine having to learn everything they have to know so fast! I never realized everything Paramedic's are required to know. They are basically ER doctors on wheels. They spend countless hours learning cardiology, they have to know every possible drug and med known to man and every way to treat ANYTHING all in the back for a car! He's working incredibly hard and has done very well thus far!


Chelsey said...

Wow...congratulations on the little tadpole! I'm sure you two are not even close to running out of cuteness genes! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I guess we need to find a few people to get married and ask you to help to torture you even further during this pregnancy too.

And..way to go Pat!!

maugers said...

congrats on your pregnancy!!! I hope you feel way better soon, sounds like Pat is swamped! Good luck with all, we're excited for you :)

Ashley said...

WOW! Good job Pat, and good luck with Paramedics school. That sounds intense. And congrats on #3!! I'm actually very proud of you. Now that I'm experiening pregnancy for the first time, I thinking I want it to be the last time too because being sick and uncomfortable for nine months is NOT FUN. Hope you feel better soon!!