Friday, August 22, 2008


We got to go to Jackson, Wy to visit Joslin and Dusty! It was a blast, a lot of driving, but lots of fun!! We went to Yellowstone National Park and saw "old faithful" and some of the hot pots. Those hot pots were so inviting and so scarey all at the same time. And the most common question, "did we see any cool animals there?" NO! I know no one believes us, but I think they heard Merik's screams and ran for safety because we never saw anything. Actually the kids did pretty good in the car. Merik had quite the setup with his little DVD player, but I'm pretty sure no one in my family ever wants to hear another Wiggles song again! We also got to go bird banding at the private school Joslin works. What is bird banding you ask...we helped environmentalists tag birds they caught to track their nesting and breeding to eventually help see the affects of development on the environment. Ok really, we're not the granola type but it was actually fun. The funniest thing was how they weighed them, they turned them upside down and stuck their heads in a piece of pvc pipe. Our only real involvement was letting the birds go. We also went rafting down the river behind Joslin and Dusty's apartment in little tubes we bought at KMart. I was really fun and obviously we looked quite goofy! Pat's tube completely deflated around him and Joslin did get her rump high centered on a rock-HILARIOUS! We had a great time in Jackson and it was beautiful! The Grand Teton is in a class all in its own!

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Chelsey said...

Karma looks so sweet in her blessing dress! And I can't get over how old Corey looks.