Saturday, August 23, 2008

Karma's Blessing Day

Last sunday we finally blessed Karma Sue Berry! It was a great experience except for the fact that I didn't hear my own daughters blessing! Supposedly it was beautiful blessing but they couldn't find the microphone and the chapel isn't really sound friendly, so annoying! All of Pat's family were there which really meant alot to us and hopefully they could hear more than I could sitting on the other side of the chapel; Joslin and Dusty also came down and just by chance my cousin Cardon and his wife Whitney, and my cousin Mekelle and her husband Jake were all in town also! But comparing notes with Joslin, Mekelle, and Pat she was blessed with a strong body and mind, a strong sense of the spirit, and that she would be a beacon of light to those around her and an example of the gospel. Im so excited to get to know this wonderful little girl that Heavenly Father obviously has big plans for! Its such an odd feeling to think of your little infant as getting married and having children of her own, but it also brings her life into reality and the fact that she is Heavenly Father's daughter and it is only my job to raise her as He would. What a wonderful day! Ok so the outfit....adorable if I do say so myself! Grandma Karma wanted to buy her blessing dress-symbolic don't you think? She actually bought 3 and then pat and I picked this one as our favorite! I made her little head band because I couldn't find anything that was obnoxious enough for my taste and then made her a little bracelet to match. So cute! It was a great experience and I can't believe I've blessed my 2nd child...I'm so old!


Cardon & Whitney said...

It was great to see you guys and to be able to be at Karma Sue's blessing. Good times!

Jan said...

Love the slideshow! I'm loving her dress too. I didn't get to see it much. You are so good at making sure to capture those special moments. I think I might have one picture of Brody in his blessing outfit :(. Karma looks adorable!

Janet said...

Be warned I've found your blog and will occassionally be stalking you and your cute family! :)