Thursday, August 27, 2009

Children's Museum

Pat was gone for 8 days straight. He had work on each end of a special trip he took to California to be with my cousin Jaren as he went through the temple for his first time in preparation of him leaving on his mission. So in the midst of the insanity that is our life I decided it would be fun to take the kids for a special day at the Children's Museum! (Really it's a special day where mom doesn't have to do the entertaining for a few hours!) We had a blast! We were there for 41/2 hours and I had to finally drag Merik out because Karma was so tired she couldn't take it anymore! Here's a few pictures of the day!

Merik as a Veternarian! He was so serious about his job!

Merik has alot of career choices ahead of him!

They were so cute together in this boat! Karma is getting to the age that she adores Merik and everything he does and she was so interested in him catching the fish!
Merik was chasing Karma through the tunnel and they were both laughing so hard! It was adorable!
Fancy Socks!


Mindi said...

The last part of the video where Merik is trying to get the stethoscope over his head made me laugh out loud. Good for you for spending so long in there! Those pictures are too cute.

Rachael said...

The Children's Museum is always a saving grace for fun times. I've been there plenty times and the kids just LOVE it there. I can only bet you guys had one heck of a good time there!

Carrrie said...

Oh my goodness! Merik looks like Corry! :) And Karma is so cute in the video! Looks like it was a fun day!