Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Dentist Trip

Well Merik finally has a full mouth of teeth so I decided it was time to start the dentist routine. I found a fantastic dentist just for kids called "My Kids Dentist" and scheduled him an appointment. Trying to avoid a complete meltdown we practiced and played dentist and he had a great time so I was optimistic--too optimistic. It was meltdown city-hence only the 1 picture from when he'd just sat down and didn't know what was going on. He actually did ok considering the thought of going to the dentist still makes me queasy! They Doctor was amazing and actually got him to calm down and even laugh a few times during the cleaning, asking him if the tooth paste tasted like hot dogs. It was cute. They loaded him up with tons of fun goodies and he admitted it didn't even hurt so hopefully the next time will be better.

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The Cleverley's said...

I must say you are a brave mom. After seeing that video I don't think I would do so good with my kids sticking ANYTHING down my throat. Yup you are a better mom than I.