Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas!...yeah I know i'm beind

So yes I'm a little behind on my blogging, but I promise I have a good excuse (it will follow in a blog). Christmas this year was awesome! A little backwards because of Pat's schedule but wonderful. It's so fun to have kids old enough to know what happens.

To get in the Christmas mood we picked out a tree took the kids to see Santa (fun as you can tell) and invited the Welling's over to decorate ginger bread houses.

Every year that I can remember we spend Christmas Eve at my grandparents house. As a tradition my grandpa reads the story of the Nativity from the scriptures and in goofy absolutely amateur costumes the grand kids (obviously no matter how old) act it out.

Merik was a Shepard and a darn cute one at that! I love this picture my Uncle Brad took. He just looks like an angel!

Christmas day was great! I tried really hard to upload the video of the kids Christmas morning but I haven't been able to figure it out so I gave up. Merik ran down the stairs with a giant fire truck sitting in front of the tree and picked up a little page of stickers out of his stocking and just yelled "Mom! I got stickers!!" Well dosen't take much to please him! The kids got a "stage" for Christmas. In our basement there's a mostrous finished opening for a TV I assume even though I know they don't make TV's that big anymore. They kids love to do shows in there so we hung a curtain up and, with the help of my wonderful mother, bought all the left over halloween costumes for them. They love it! It's so cute to see them dress up in all the silly outfits and dance on their stage.
The kids were absolutely spoiled, not that I'm surprised, by their grandparents. It was a wonderful holiday and we are so blessed!

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