Friday, January 22, 2010

Yee Haw Stock Show Time!

The Stock Show is in town and Joslin had the FABULOUS idea that I take Merik on a date. Since Pat's gone at school all the time now I really felt like Merik could use some individual attention so we went on a date! It was wonderful! He got to pick what we ate for lunch, which direction we walked, and how long we stayed in each area, and he LOVED it!
I just love this picture!

The rodeo bulls were kept just outside the Stock Show and Merik loved watching them. They were so calm but huge! He thought he'd be really funny (and yes I tried to upload this too but it wouldn't work) and make this goofy face at the bull that was laying just beyond the fence. The bull had a trick of his own...he got up and walked right up to the fence! Merik quickly backed away almost in tears. I was in tears also because I was laughing so hard! That bull got the best of him!

Merik begged me to ride this pony and he thought it was hilarious that it's name was Cowboy!
Merik LOVED the petting zoo full of pigs and goats! But he fell IN love with this black and white goat! We sat with it for at least 10 minutes while Merik talked to it, tried to feed it, let it wear his hat, and cuddled! It was so cute!
We had an incredible time just to two of us! The stock show is so fun! Yee Haw!!!

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