Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September Fun

We've had a busy and fun summer but alas it's September. Here's a few snap shots of our last few weeks.Merik and Karma got to go to the Harvest Festival Parade with Grandma Shawna-na and Grandpa Craig. They'd never been to one before and it sounded like the loved it...especially the candy!

Heritage Square...
Merik loved riding the bumper boats with grandpa Craig at Heritage square!

Riding the pony-that pooped!
Cute little Karma playing while mom tried not to puke riding every spinning ride Merik could find!
Outside watching Merik
Merik got a new scooter and it was ADORABLE! In all of his pads Pat decided he'd probably be safe jumping the Grand Canyon but he sure looked cute. He did pretty well too! It was a great investment considering he stayed on that thing for 3 hours the first day and is constantly on it now! It's so fun to watch him grow!


Chelsey said...

I can't believe he's old enought to ride a scoot let alone stay entertained by it for 3 hours. How cute!

Cardon & Whitney said...

They are SOOO cute and they are both getting so big!! We are going to try to make it out to CO soon for a little visit!! I'll let you know!

O'Neil Family said...

You have two cute little tykes, that's for sure. You know what I notice most? How happy they look.

Dusty and Joslin said...

i seriously cant wait to be their new mom! :) jk

ERK, MRK, & GRK said...

LOVE THESE! Little Merik riding that scooter is the funniest thing ever. That is so adorable :)